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»Always up-to-date: all insiders at a glance«

EQS Insiderverzeichnis

The aim of the European Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) is to create uniform transparency and investor protection laws in the capital markets of E.U. member states. The result is significantly stricter insider legislation.

The EQS Group AG INSIDER MANAGER allows you to fulfil these new obligations according to Article 18 MAR securely, easily and reliably.

»Secure Workflow in the Private Secure Cloud«

Manage your insider directory easily and reliably with the  INSIDER MANAGER. It is perfectly integrated into the EQS IR COCKPIT and ensures a secure workflow.

The EQS-Insider database puts you squarely on the safe side, in the truest sense of the word: the "Private Secure Cloud" allows you quick access to all data, any time, from any location. Our IT processes and IT infrastructure are certified and audited annually, giving you the security to work in a protected area with the highest security standards.   All data is stored on the high-availability servers in the datacenter of the Bayerische Landesbank.

»Many lists, one solution«

Our insider database is workplace-independent and internet-based, giving you the flexibility and security you need to manage your insider lists easily and securely and to update them at any time.

This reliable tool allows you to set up your projects defined according to MAR (deal specific / event-based), as well as to include individuals who temporarily or permanently have access to insider information and assign them to individual projects with just a few clicks in the secure software in the private cloud.

Additionally, this intuitive solution offers a variety of sorting and representation options, enabling you to comply with the information requests of regulatory authorities.

»Automated Workflow: data collection, instruction, recognition of obligations«

Another important advantage of the INSIDER MANAGER:  it contains all required forms to inform your company’s insiders of their MAR obligations.

Insider instructions are delivered via a personalised cover letter that is generated automatically through the system. The EQS Insider Database also supports your internal workflow:  insiders receive a confirmation link in their instruction e-mail which re-directs them to a secure, personalised online site. Then, one click is enough to confirm and recognise their obligations. The date and time of recognition is then documented within the INSIDER MANAGER.

The next step allows your insiders to control, supplement, update and, if necessary, correct their personal data which is then automatically uploaded to the system.

Required by the legislator:

Issuers and all acting on their behalf (i.e., law firms) will be obligated to maintain insider lists. The list, which are continuously updated, should include all individuals who temporarily or permanently have access to insider information. Additionally, insiders must be informed of their obligations.

»Not just insiders rely on EQS Group«

Profit from:

  • Certified processes as well as certified IT infrastructures
  • Highest security: access to EQS IR COCKPIT possible only with an RSA-SecurID-Token
  • Our experience: 16 years, >2,300 listed clients, every Prime Standard IPO since 2008
  • Our unmatched availability: newsroom team is available every trading day from 7 am to 9 pm and around the clock through our 24/7-hotline
  • CIRO-certified customer service competence


Over 500 companies in Europe and USA already use the INSIDER MANAGER, including equity and bond issuers, asset managers, law firms and consultancies.